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Doctor Fish

【Scientific Name】Garra-Rufa-Obtuse
【Classification】Carp Family, Labeo Subfamily, Garra Genus (Freshwater Fish)
【Lifetime】Approximately 7 years
The fish may grow large 14cm. However, only 2.5 year-old or younger fish with wariness pecks the skin of people.
【Feeding Habit】Omnivorous regularly eating alga, phytoplankton and zooplankton
【Habitat Distribution】South Turkey, Jordan, Tigris Euphrates River area and etc.
【Required Water Temperature】20℃ to 37℃ (68°F to 98.5°F )

We succeeded the breed of Garra-Rufa-Obtuse for the first time in the world.
Currently, we are the only company selling the genuine Garra-Rufa-Obtuse in the world.
There are more than 300 kinds of fish from Garra-Rufa family in the world. However, the ones we have bred are only genuine ones. The Garra-Rufa fish currently available in China and Southeast Asia are the sub-specific ones. Please be aware of these similar products.

Currently, Turkey bans the export Doctor Fish.

We at Eco Management Co.,Ltd are starting our service to offer our Doctor Fish exclusively to Aquarium organizations around the world.

In the past 3 years, we have produced and sold Doctor Fish within Japan. We enjoy a good reputation for our high-quality service with the theme of “Experience-based aquarium rather than observed form” from many satisfied clients of amusement parks, water parks and aquariums.

Currently, we are the only company who produces and sells genuine Doctor Fish in the world.

On this occasion, please consider introducing the system of the Doctor Fish, the unique fish inhabiting in the water of 37 degree and feeding on people’s skin, at your facility. We conduct sales of foot bath units, planning and construction of major spa facilities as well as the sales of Doctor Fish. Please feel free to contact us for details about those services.

If you would like to get more information about this company,
please register and contact us.

Product Information
Name Doctor Fish
Size 1fish・・・3cm~4cm(1.2inch~1.6inch)
Sales channel Spa facility, Relaxation and massage store, Amusement park, Water park, Aquarium, Any kinds of show or festival
  • halal
  • J-mobile 4G Wifi lental in Japan
  • arafes - Arabian festival -
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