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Do dolls have feelings?
Do their songs move people?
We, “FEMM’S AGENCY SYNDICATE” have been dispatching agents all over the world to collect mannequins that meet a “Certain Criteria”.
By incorporating a device in those mannequins that have met the criteria, we produce mannequins that act on their own called “FEMM”, to distribute him/her into the society.
You may already have come in contact with FEMM without knowing.

【What is FEMM?】
“FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS” is the official name of plastic dolls that were brought to life by a mysterious organization called FEMM’s Agency Syndicate but it is also a mannequins dance duo that performs in their name. Only mannequins that pass certain criteria can become FEMM and the Agency is constantly on the lookout across the world for plastic diamonds in the rough.

During the process of transforming from plastics to FEMM, we know that they part naturally into the 10 different attributes below and furthermore divide into five different ranks depending on their ability.

【FEMM Attributes & Ranks】
① Military:Product Number MR-00011~
Private → First Class → Sgt. → Captain → General
② Pilot:Product Number PT-00011~
Fright Attendant → Co-Pilot → Pilot → Air Force →Astronaut
③ Nurse & Doctor:Product Number ND-00011~
Assistant Nurse → Nurse → Pharmacist → Doctor →Surgeon
④ Police:Product Number PC-00011~
Security → Cop → Sgt. → Captain → Inspector
⑤ Maid (Appearance of female dolls only ):Product Number MD-00011~
Step Girl → Laundry Maid → Parlour Maid → House Maid → Chamber Maid
⑥ Steward (Appearance of male dolls only ):Product Number SD-00011~
Footman → First Footman → Doorman → Butler → Steward
⑦ Joshi-Kosei/女子高生 (Appearance of female dolls only ):Product Number JK-00011~
高一/Sophomore →高二/Junior→ 高三/Senior → 読モ/Dokumo → カリスマJK/Charisma JK
⑧ Killer (Appearance of angel dolls only ):Product Number AK-00011~
Angels → Archangels → Dominions → Cherubim → Seraphim
⑨ Trador (Appearance of devil dolls only):Product Number DT-00011~
Kakabel → Mephistopheles → Balam → Beelzebub → Lucifer(Satan)
⑩ Spy (Animal Costume/Appearance of female dolls only):Product Number AS-00011~
Black Cat → Black Panther → Black Jaguar → Tiger → Bunny Girl

*LuLa and RiRi are exclusive-attribute and exclusive-rank FEMM without any of the attributes above and their serial numbers are 00000.

If you would like to get more information about this company,
please register and contact us.

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