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Unique and immediate-effect cosmetics

■FUTURE LABO Inc. is a group company of POLA ORBIS Holdings, the 3rd biggest cosmetic company in Japan that has Approxicimately 1.6 billion USD sales. We provide “unique and immediate-effect cosmetic” through television home shopping with variety of products such as Skin-care, Make-up, Body-care, Hair-care, Hand & Nail-care products and even Suppliments.

■Our special belief for “Monozukuri” (manufacturing)
1. “Immediate effect to be realized” and “unprecedented texture”.
2. “Easy to use” to make skin care more enjoyable.
3. “No alcohol, mineral oil, or synthetic flavoring added”, gently caring your skin. Made in Japan = The products are manufactured under the strict quality control at the trustable factories.

2. COMPANY’S MISSION →To obtain beauty of the future!    
“Striking sensation when you apply the product on your skin”.

We hope to provide this sensation to all the ladies who wish be beautiful all the time.
This is a surprise for your skin and your heart. We believe that experience of surprise would create exciting daily life and it enriches your skin and heart.     

This is a challenge to the latest technology. We aim to introduce the latest ingredients and technology earlier than any other companies to realize the anti-aging and give a feeling of its effects based on the results of the evolving research and development.

●Difference This is a difference from any other products that always think outside of the box and produce the one and only original products. Our persepective is never struck in the previous idea or stereotype.

●Evidence Safety and quality assurance always come first. We confirm the safety by the scientific evident and quality evaluations are conducted by monitor test and third party entities.

If you would like to get more information about this company,
please register and contact us.

Product Information
Name Skin-care, Make-up, Body-care, Hair-care, Hand & Nail-care, Suppliment and many more.
Target age and sex Targeting on above 20 years old mainly for women
Sales channel Department store, Drug store, SPA, Cosmetic store, On-line store and so on.
  • halal
  • J-mobile 4G Wifi lental in Japan
  • arafes - Arabian festival -
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