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KOMA furniture

About Our Furniture
We aim to make all the customers to feel the pleasure of “Ownership” of the furniture. “Fine materials” and “Excellent technique” are the basis of “Monozukuri” or craftsmanship. What is more vital for “Monozukuri” is the feelings of “Passion” and “Philosophy” which naturally come from within. For Koma, making furniture is the way of expressing such feelings. We carefully work on each procedure with such a craftsman spirit. Koma Furniture can be described as a notebook that life stories of the customers are gently written. The wooden materials are being matured as the time goes by, keep living as it changes its form, increase its coating texture, deepen the color and keep evolving. Wooden furniture is once completed by the craftsman but the form of completion can be only realized after the furniture spends the time with the customers with their affection. The furniture never stands up itself too much but just adds a nice touch to the space and life. Making stories within someone’s life is the mission and pleasure of making furniture.

Design of the Furniture
Almost all the furniture is designed by CEO Matsuoka. These design can only be done by the craftsman who is conversant with all the manufacturing methods, procedures, strength, and structures. Once he comes up with an idea, he immediately starts working on the sample. After adding some amendments and repeating to create the samples many times, one fine chair can be completed. Moreover, the chair has to be beautiful not only from the front view but the back view. Not many notice that the chairs are mainly looked from the backside as it is often settled in the table. Also when taking out the chair from the table and the person sitting on the chair are looked from back. We aim to make the person sitting on the chair look more beautiful, or add some little change by sitting the chair, like refreshing your mood.

About the Drawings
The drawings are all handwritten by a fountain pen. There is a certain design that we can express and create because it is handwritten. We once drew with PC but it turned out to be a cold touch that we were not satisfied.

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Product Information
Name Chairs, Tables, Desks, Chests, and Accessories
Size Depends on products
Weight Depends on products
Colour One color
Target age and sex 30S〜60S Men and Women
Sales channel Department store, Interior Shop, Furniture store
  • halal
  • J-mobile 4G Wifi lental in Japan
  • arafes - Arabian festival -
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