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Kyo Amazing Soap

“KYO Amazing Soap” is the soap which makes the richest bubbles. The moisture cosmetic babbles will bring you the blissful moment every time you wash your face and body because this soap contains the superlative Sandalwood for its fragrance.
The selected base oil with a lot of cosmetic essential constituents and herbal essence are all for Anti-ageing Soap.
This product contains many selected cosmetic ingredients with most essential constituent for anti -aging in this ” Kyo Amazing Soap”. So if you use this product, your skin is re-borning while the bubbles are removing the dirts of pore. When you finished washing your face, it will remind you back your face at the age of your youth just to touch your face.

soap base material. glycerin, sorbitol, methyl gluceth-10, palm kernel acid, shea fat, water, hyaluronic acid Na, suizenji-seaweed polysaccharide, olive oil, repagermanium, ceramide Ⅱ, tourmaline, sandalwood oil, roman camomile flower essence, calendula officials flower oil, knapweed flower oil, german camomile flower essence, small-leaved linden flower essence, western hypericum flower/leaf/stalk essence, soybean seed oil, decal glucoside, jojoba seed oil, tea tree leaf oil, cyanocobalamin, tocopherol, palm fatty acid, xanthan gum, chlorinate Na, edta-4Na, etidronic acid 4Na, etidronic acid, BG, perfume

“Our policy is to love, to joy and to be impressed.”

■We believe that you will feel like your face skin returned at the moment of your youth.
To keep using “Kyo Amazing Soap” more and more, you will be so impressed more deeply day by day. Ou r dream is to lead you to a bright and happy new life with our product.

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Product Information
Name Kyo Amazing Soap
Size 7.5cm × 10.0cm × 4.0cm
Weight 100g
  • halal
  • J-mobile 4G Wifi lental in Japan
  • arafes - Arabian festival -
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