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Nishikigoi fish is a Japanese fresh water fish with its origins dating back 400 years from a small village in the mountains of Niigata. Inspired by the beautiful silk of the Japanese Brocade called Nishiki, the fish were named Nishikigoi. More commonly known as Koi they are regarded as warrior fish and are highly intelligent. A healthy fish can grow up to 1 meter in length, weigh up to 60 kg and live to nearly 70 years.

Nishikigoi is synonymous to Japanese culture, known all over the world for their beauty and regarded as a symbol of luck, bringing harmony to the mind and longevity to human life. Nishikigoi are a rare breed of the many varieties of Koi with only one excellent specimen found amongst millions born with some valued at $300 000.

Owning and caring for such a champion fish brings with it prestige and a sense of pride amongst high societies in countries like China, the United States and in Japan it self.

Nishikigoi are sensitive fish that need to be kept separate from other fish. They need at least one meter of water at a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius with proper biological filtration in an eight-meter pond and are fed a special formulated feed.

We, Miyoshi breeding centre, located in Shikoku Chuo City is highly regarded for the quality and price of their Nishikigoi. With a history of breeding champion fish which spans over 45 years. Having won the best Koi championship 6 times, our CEO, Mr. Shozo Miyoshi is a renowned master of breeding Nishikigoi.

Our motto of, “Only healthy Nishikigoi can exhibit true beauty” is their focus as we breed only the best pedigree of Nishikigoi, which are exported to many countries across the globe using the best breeding technologies.

Breeding Nishikigoi is an art form comparable to that of breeding Arab horses with the same nobility. Fascinated and moved by the beauty of these rare creatures, for the collector it is an investment not only in prestige, but also as a symbol of wealth. The pride of the owner extending to the harmony and peace reflected in his collection.

Annually Japan hosts a competition which see’s the best breeders from around the country compete for the Nishikigoi championship title. To date Miyoshi breeding centre has yet to export their champion Nishikigoi to any Arab country.

It is the our vision that the collection and breeding of Nishikigoi will become popular among the royals and wealthy of the various Arab states and lead to a regional championship of it’s own. The “Arab Nishikigoi Championship” has the potential to inspire entries from all around the world and drive tourists interest. Many collectors and breeders are eager to gain that elusive title of owning a champion Nishikigoi for it’s prestige and where better to set up such a competition platform in the MENA region.

Please welcome this national fish of Japan into the Arab world and culture for all to be inspired by it’s beauty, bringing that element of tranquillity into the daily lives of those that can appreciate such a unique art form.

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Product Information
Name Nishikigoi
Size 70cm 〜 100cm
  • halal
  • J-mobile 4G Wifi lental in Japan
  • arafes - Arabian festival -
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