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Sushi and everything there is to know about it

  • Jul 30, 2015
  • by Alina

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Sushi is a Japanese food. It consists of cooked vinegared rice, combined with seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. It is usually served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.
Sushi can be prepared with white rice or brown rice. The fish or other seafood are usually raw, however cooked ingredients are used in some common sushi varieties.

Here are some of the most popular types of sushi:


Nigiri -zushi or ‘hand-pressed sushi’ is the most popular kind of sushi. A piece of fish or seafood is placed on a small slab of rice and served with a little bit of wasabi in between.


Maki-zushi or ‘sushi roll’ is a cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat. The roll is filled with various filings (fish, eggs,vegetables, etc) and wrapped inside roasted dried seaweed.


Gunkan is a small cup made of sushi rice wrapped in dry roasted seaweed, topped with sea urchin or fish eggs.


Chirashi-zushi is a bowl of sushi rice topped with different types of raw fish and vegetables.


Inari-zushi is a bag of fried tofu filled with sushi rice and sometimes vegetables.


Temaki is a cone made of roasted dried seaweed, filled with rice, seafood and vegetables.

Different wrappings are used when making sushi:
• Nori – roasted dried seaweed
• Rice paper
• Thinly – sliced sheets of cucumber
• Usuyaki-tamago – thinly cooked sweet omelette
• Yuba (‘tofu skin’ or ‘soybean skin’) – product made from soybeans
• Salmon skin – used in ‘salmon-skin rol’

There are also different types of sushi restaurants:

Conveyor belt sushi
The most popular kind of sushi restaurant amongst tourists.
Here, the sushi plates are placed on a rotating conveyor belt that moves past every table and counter seat. Apart from sushi, they also serve other dishes such as chicken, french fries and desserts.

Chain restaurants
These sushi restaurants offer good quality set menus and sometimes all-you-can-eat sushi meals, at reasonable prices.

Family-run restaurants
The family-run restaurants are usually small, focusing more on the local costumers. Here the fish is fresh, the rice is well made and the chef follows a more disciplined and traditional technique when it comes to making the sushi.

High-end restaurants.
These are definitely the best sushi restaurants you will ever try. Most of the chefs of the high end sushi shops have years of training and an extraordinary knowledge of fish, and each sushi master has his own distinctive style of preparing the vinegared rice.


You can also buy sushi at a convenience store, although I do recommend that you try at least one of the restaurants above before doing so.

If you’re new to sushi or you’re not that well acquainted with chopsticks, you can use your fingers to eat. After all sushi is traditionally a finger food and it is completely acceptable to eat it that way. When sitting at the table, you will receive a ‘oshibori’ (washcloth) so you can use it to clean your hands every time you need to. You may also use the washcloth on your face.

When dipping sushi into the soy sauce try to dip the fish and not the rice. You want your sushi to stay in one piece and you don’t want it soaked with the salty soy sauce. Dipping it too much not only will change its taste, but it will also make the rice fall apart.
If you don’t like wasabi, be sure to inform the chef.

Enjoy your sushi!

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