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Enjoy an Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience!

  • Jun 16, 2015
  • by Alina

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The tea ceremony (Chanoyu), which is also known as the Way of Tea (Chado or Sado), is a Japanese ceremonial preparation and serving of powdered green tea (Matcha), in the presence of guests.
The whole process is not about drinking tea, but about the aesthetics and the preparation of the tea from one’s heart.
For this, the tea host or hostess will spend years mastering not only the precise procedures for serving tea, but also learning to appreciate art, crafts, poetry, and calligraphy; learning to arrange flowers, cook, and care for a garden; and at the same time educate himself or herself to be graceful, selfless, and perceptive to the needs of others.

The tea gatherings are classified as an informal tea gathering, Chakai and a formal tea gathering, Chaji.


The Chakai ceremony is a relatively simple course of hospitality that includes Japanese sweets, thin tea, and perhaps a light meal.


A Chaji however, is a much more formal gathering, usually including a full-course Kaiseki meal followed by confections, thick tea, and thin tea. It lasts approximately four hours.
The elaborate and refined Japanese tea ceremony is meant to demonstrate respect through grace and good etiquette and for the guests to enjoying its austere taste quietly and serenely.


The ceremony usually takes place in a tea house or a tea room.
Tea houses are usually small, simple wooden buildings located in the gardens or grounds of private homes.Typical tea houses feature windows and sliding doors made of wood covered in a translucent Japanese paper, tatami mat floors and
simple colours and style.


Tea rooms are purpose-built spaces for holding tea gatherings. A ceremonial tea-room is usually about three meters square (a four-and-a-half tatami-mat room) and is decorated very simply.


Attending such elegant and peaceful ceremony will help you understand the Japanese spirit and culture better.
To attend a tea ceremony, we recommend Kyoto. It is home to many charming traditional tea houses with welcoming english speaking hosts, that one can enjoy at a reasonable price.

Do not miss the opportunity to slow down life, clear your mind and enjoy the moment with the wonderful people you meet there. It is an excellent experience and a moment that will stay with you forever.

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