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CHIBA Prefecture

Area: 5,156 km2
Population: 6,192 million
Region: Kanto
Capital: Chiba

Chiba Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region and the Greater Tokyo Area. Its capital is Chiba City.
Narita Airport is located in Chiba prefecture.

Chiba city consists of two urban zones: the area around Chiba Station, consisting of department stores and fashion boutiques, and the energetic Makuhari Shintoshin (Makuhari New City), the home of Makuhari Messe, Japan’s second largest convention center after Tokyo Big Sight.
Some popular destinations in the city are Inage Beach, the first artificial beach in the nation which is part of the longest artificial beach in Japan and the Chiba City Zoological Park, popular for the standing red panda Futa.
The city is also famous for the Chiba Urban Monorail, the longest suspended monorail in the world.
Some of Chiba’s main attractions are without doubt the Tokyo Disneyland, a theme park and vacation resort and Tokyo DisneySea, also a theme park inspired by ocean tales and legends. Both parks are located next to each other in Urayasu area.
Makuhari Messe is also a top destination. it is a comercial district located along the shores of Tokyo Bay in Chiba Prefecture. Apart from Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex, which is the second largest convention center in Japan, Makuhari also offers parks and recreation space. It is also is conveniently close to Tokyo Disney resort In Urayasu.

Another place worth seeing is the National Museum of Japanese History, also nown as “Rekihaku” to the locals. It is the foremost museum in the world dedicated to sharing and researching the culture, folklore and history of the Japanese people.

If flowers are your favorites, you should stop by the Sakura Tulip Festa, a beautiful park where more than 400,000 tulips bloom around a dutch windmill each year, and the Chiba City Floral Museum, a symbol of the city of flowers.
By airplane
The JR Narita Line links Chiba directly to Narita's international airport. A few N'EX limited expresses stop at Chiba on their way to Tokyo, but usually the ordinary rapid service trains are a better bet.

By train
Train is the obvious means of arrival, as a dense web of routes links Chiba to Tokyo and points in the vicinity.
The JR Sōbu Rapid Line runs from Tokyo Station's underground platforms to Chiba station via Kinshichō and Tsudanuma.
The JR Chuō-Sōbu Local Line runs directly across the Yamanote Line loop, via Shinjuku and Akihabara.
The JR Keiyō Line runs from Tokyo Station to Chiba Minato and Soga stations along the coast via Maihama (Tokyo Disneyland), Nishi-Funabashi and Kaihin-Makuhari.

By bus
Airport Limousine buses link Chiba to Haneda and Narita Airports.

By monorail
The two lines of the suspended Chiba Urban Monorail, the world's longest suspended monorail, are an attraction themselves, connecting the port to Chiba station and then branching out to the northwest and northeast.
Chiba has a humid subtropical climate with very warm and muggy summers and cool winters. Precipitation is significant throughout the year, but is somewhat lower in winter.
Extreme temperatures range from 1.7 to 27.3 °C .
During summer, you should be fine if you wear a short-sleeved shirt, t-shirt or a dress.
In the winter, be sure to bring warm clothes such as winter coat or jacket, hat, scarf and gloves.
For the spring and autumn a light jacket or sweater should keep you warm.
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